Am I a Strong Mother ?

A strong mother knows how to keep her life in order, even when there are tears in her eyes, she knows how to say “I’m fine” with a smile … I sent this message to you because I know you’re a strong Mother. ”

Received this message today and I thought to myself – is this true OR do we just want to make it seem true ?

I am a mother and yet, I can’t say that I can understand all the challenges a mother faces. There are numerous challenges one faces depending on different situation one is in.

We women ,try to keep our lives in order , which is a great thing to do. That is how we strive to do better! But we did not come with some preprogrammed chip within us which just makes us a great mother ! No one gives us a training to be a mother . We learn in our journey of motherhood as we progress through. It is like on the job training !

And taking a pause here , what or who is a strong mother ? ! I mean all of us want the best for our children , we want good for our family and for ourselves ! But why should a mother get judged as a strong mother or not ? ! How can one even define that !

The society thinks that I have my life in order , I swallow up my tears and don’t vent anything out , and I become a strong mother. Is that how we get valued as mothers ?

My house today is in complete mess , I am unable to spend time with my son , office work has probably taken priority. I leave for work even before my son wakes up and reach back only to see him fast asleep ! My life is definitely in no great order!
Am I a good /bad/strong/weak mother ?

I feel miserable many a times , I get super emotional at times. But, I DONT shy away in saying that ” I AM NOT FINE !! ” .
Am I a good/bad/strong/weak mother ?

The point I am trying to make here is simple. Many women, many mothers are getting crushed under such expectations, leading to depressions , loosing their confidence and feeling miserable. Do we ever see such messages for “strong father “?

It’s a mindset change that needs to happen . Women and especially mothers are NOT super humans ! We are just like all others.We get physically and emotionally drained , we cry when we feel sad and smile when we are happy.

Why expect us to smile when we should be crying ?

This mindset change can happen only if each one of us believe in bringing in that change .

Let’s not shy away in expressing ourselves and our pain, because we are not here to get crowned as some strong women or super women !

We love our kids and our families and we do what we think is good for us and our families . Society and its grading can take a walk !

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