Unheard Voice of a Helpless Mother

For the umpteenth time I would have arranged the baby clothes and looked through my scan reports. I dint seem to be getting enough of it.My husband and I are excited to welcome our baby to this world. We leave no stone unturned in taking care of all that is required.Starting from shopping ,to decorating the room ,to having all possible names,everything is ready.I just cant wait to hold my baby.I have thought of all the lullabies that I would sing.I have picturized the whole journey of motherhood numerous times, each time editing some of the previously imagined thoughts and making the newer version better than the earlier one!

Finally its time for my imaginations to turn into reality.The time has come ! The waiting is over! After what seemed like eternity,post all the pain and turmoil, a lovely little baby,wrapped up in pink is handed over to me.I am exhilarated.Tears of happiness roll down my eyes.I thank god for this priceless moment.Looking at this little cocoon in my hand I realize why babies are referred to as a “bundle of joy “!

Time seems to just fly by with my little princess. My world seems to have completely changed. I have no time for myself,but I seem to be enjoying every bit of it. Each day I look at my lovely little princess and imagine her future.

I promise to do everything it takes ,to truly give her a princess like life.

Two shakes of a lambs tail, and my baby turns One ! I am so excited. I prepare for a party. I ensure that every moment gets captured. I do everything to make it a spectacular birthday party.I want every moment of my baby’s life to be nothing less than magnificent! One night after putting my baby to sleep ,I sit watching TV with my husband. I had almost dozed off when I feel something . Something weird. Am I dreaming ? Is the world swinging?Even before realization completely dawned over me I sprang up.Its an earthquake! I wake my husband up and we rush to our baby. There is a lot of panic around. All I could think of was my little ones safety. I hold her tight and we get under the bed to protect ourselves from the falling objects .

I thought it would just pass. But before we could even think of anything, the unthinkable happened.The whole building went crashing down.

Silence is all that I could feel for long after that. It felt like being sucked into an abyss.A yank out of nowhere and I jolt back to reality.I wake up to the chaos around. I can see people dead all around me. I can see debris and dust all around. I can hear children crying. Oh but hold on,where is my daughter? As I start searching , in one corner I see my little darling baby covered in dust, crying for her mumma. But thankfully she was safe. My happiness knew no bounds .

Oblivious to what had actually happened ,I rush towards my daughter, to hold her and console her. I want to hold her close to my heart and tell her not to worry, now that her mumma was there; but for some reason I am just not able to hold her .Though I am there right next to her,I feel we are a world apart.I am now filled with apprehension.I try to cut through all this confusion and muddle. I take a glance at the wreckage and ruination around me and I am horrified. Horrified to see myself sprawled on the floor with a big object over me! I was there lying dead in a pool of blood!

I frantically look out for my husband and see him lying dead too. I feel incapacitated. I scream out of agony. Please someone, just anyone , please hold my baby.

For hours I kept witnessing my baby’s misery helplessly. There was lot of confusion and panic. People were busy running around, and nobody seemed to have noticed my little one.

Finally , after what looked like eternity , I saw someone pick my child up. I heaved a sigh of relief. They put her in a van and took her away. I followed them to see where my daughter was taken to. As the gates opened, I felt a piercing pain,a pain I had never experienced,a pain that no mother should ever go through.

The gates that opened and took my daughter in was that of an Orphanage!From being the princess of our lives , a few hours back , she had now become an orphan !

During my life I had heard about orphanages and had made some donations as well of old clothes ,books, toys and money. But I had never gone beyond that. I would always wonder how people adopt others kids ? What if the kid does not gel along with the family ? What if the parents were not from a good background and the child carries the same genes ?But now with my daughter there in the orphanage it really hit home!

In a jiffy everything had changed! Everything including my perception of adoption.

All my questions were answered. But all that I could do now was just watch my baby grow in the orphanage and hope that someone someday would adopt her and give her the life that we had dreamt of for her.People came and went but no one to adopt my daughter.  I prayed hard for her future. It looked so uncertain and cloudy.

Finally my prayers were answered. I saw that lovely couple who wanted to sponsor my child’s education. They did not adopt her but they sponsored her education. I knew what that meant. It meant ,there was a ray of hope. It meant that I was feeling lighter now!

As the years passed,by the grace of god and with the help of all the angels on earth who kept sponsoring my child’s education, my daughter completed her studies. She managed to get herself a job !

My little princess, my world, struggled her way through this life. Though she did not have a great childhood,  but with her education,atleast her future looked bright.I cant thank enough all the people, who in their little ways contributed to her education and helped her succeed.

That unheard voice of all mothers out here, cries out to all -“Those children we left back on earth were our prince and princesses. With a twist of fate we are no longer with them.But we had beautiful and big dreams for them. They are as innocent and naive as any other child. They are as lonely and confused as one would be without ones parents.They are lovely enough to be called ones own.They had filled our life with happiness and they could enliven yours as well”

Adoption is a very big step.It is a decision that requires a lot of thinking and preparation.It is a decision that calls in to look beyond the normal. It is a decision where ones mind and heart have to be in unison !

While adoption might be a huge and tough decision, sponsoring a kids education is the easiest,simplest and loveliest gift that one can give a child. Lets all try to atleast take this small step which can open up big doors of opportunities for all the little princes and princesses!


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