Role Play with My Son


Do we all remember how we all loved playing the role of a teacher, doctor , mumma , papa ,etc. ? It was infact one of my favourite games back then as a kid. But frankly ,I had completely forgotten about it until my recent episode with my son.

Little did I know that this little game episode with my son would show me a mirror and be an eye opener!

So here it goes …

One lovely evening I was travelling with my 2 year old son. To keep him entertained I generally keep talking to him ,showing him the various things on the road, explaining the different elements of nature and I try to keep up with the question answer sessions. (Kids as you know can sometimes catch you off guard with their questions !).So this evening, I was too tired to talk to him and thought would keep him entertained with this sudden brilliant idea that had occured to me – “Role play “. He will be the Mumma and I can very conveniently be the little boy.

So with this we started the Role play. My son was really thrilled about being Mumma. It was a new game for him and he seemed to have taken up his role very seriously.  He was doing a great job explaining things to me(in his broken and cute english ) , acting like he was feeding me , talking to me etc. I was thoroughly enjoying every bit of this. I tried to keep up with my son by playing my bit of the role as well .Now at one point , getting completely into the role , I acted like I was throwing a tantrum (just like the way my son does ) . 

Now this was the MOMENT OF TRUTH ! – My sons reaction to my tantrum was just the way I would have reacted !! The tone , the expression,  the body gestures..every bit of it !

This is when I realised the surprise and the experience this game had given me!A recap of those 20 mins of roleplay with my son showed me the last 2 years of my life with my son . He had sort of shown me a report card of how well I had fared so far!

This definitely was a great learning for me . 

My son was not just being “A Mumma ” , but he was being “The Mumma” that he sees every day.

So while we are putting  in our best ,to do the best we can for our kids , we mothers are still humans and could be unconsciously,  at times,possibly making few human errors. A quick reality check via a game as simple as this can give us a lot of feedback directly from the most important people of our lives- our little Munchkins.

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