Dollhouse for my Son

  • I bought my Son a “Dollhouse” !

    Yes , I know a lot of you reading this might be wondering if I have gone mad . A ” Dollhouse ” for a boy ? I mean who does that ! That is meant to be for girls. After all it is a girls toy ,in all the possible girly colors and kept along with all other toys for girls. Oh infact I bought my son a kitchen set as well !

    Actually at the toy shop , I was buying a gift for my sons closest friend, a cute girl . I see this doll house and I decide to buy it for her. After all what can excite a girl more than a doll house ! My thoughts were in line with what majority of us would have thought !

    As I pick it up, my son comes running and says that he needs it too . Now at this moment , I almost blurted out those golden words- ” baba this is for girls and not for boys” !

    All such toys for maintaining a house, cleaning up the kids, cooking, cleaning and anything else in similar lines can obviously be only for girls . This is how deep these thoughts are imbibed within us. This is how generations after generations have gone by !

    Thankfully I refrained myself from blurting out those golden words. It was at this point that a sense of realization dawned upon me. It was all so clear to me !

    Here is how it all begins ! The differentiation of what a boy is meant to do and what a girl is meant to do. The segregation of the so called duties!

    I realized the big mistake that we all do unconsciously and I knew what I had to do.I bought my son the doll house! I was amazed to see the way he played with it. He took care of the house, cleaned it, cooked food and took care of his kids,and all of it with no hesitation . So men are not born the way they are. They are molded that way. Women end up the way we are today, again because of the way we are molded.

    Childhood games should NOT be taken lightly. These games and toys actually lay the foundation for our kids.

    All that kids learn are through games and toys. Unfortunately the toys and games are also so gender based that kids learn the unnecessary differentiation from a very early age.

    If we truly desire a change for our future generations, then it has to be from the very start. We cannot take such small things lightly.

    Who says boys can’t play with doll houses or kitchen sets ? Why can’t girls play with tool kits or cars ? Toys are a good way of teaching children . A mix of all types of toys and games will help in making a great individual.

    We should try to keep aside what we have been taught so far and try to look for what is really good for our children. It was difficult for me to realize this and I am sure a lot of us do this unconsciously, but let’s remember that it’s not about just bringing up a child,But it’s about bringing up a child in the right way.

    The next time we are about to say these words to our kids – “this is for boys ” or ” this is for girls ” , let’s pause and think if it even makes any sense.

    By doing this , hopefully,we will teach our kids to grow up with all that we lack today as men and women.

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